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Alshifa Ajmal Products

Alshifa 100% Original Ajmal Products

Shop for all you need. From complete Allopathic , Homoeopathic Products to 100% Premium Quality Herbs, Dry Fruits, Honey, Oil, Dates, Pure Zamzam Water From Madina, Spices, Herbal Items and much more. Visit

Alshifa Majun Raig Mahi | View Quickshop Compare
Alshifa Khamira Abresham Hakim Arshad |
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Alshifa Sharbat Sadar Ajmali |
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Sharbat Sadar | Ajmali
Regular price Rs.130
Alshifa Habbe Sara 20Tabs - Alshifa |
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Habbe Sara 20 Tablets | Ajmal
Regular price Rs.70
Alshifa Arq Kasni |
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Arq Kasni 800ml | Ajmal
Regular price Rs.170
Alshifa Laooq Sapistan | View Quickshop Compare